Re-entry and Outreach Services
Community Orientation and Re-entry Program (CORP)
CORP delivers programming on the unit of Sing Sing Prison one full day each week. Group focus is on recovery, communication and criminal thinking, all from the consumers' perspective. Double Trouble is a 12 step recovery program for the dually diagnosed. Communication Skills focus on developing patient's ability to communicate with one another and with community providers. Specific attention is given to presentation skills during interviews with providers. "Consumers With Convictions" targets criminal thinking patterns. It is the consumer complement to "Thinking for a Change", the NIJ cognitive behavioral program targeting such thinking, which is delivered in the program by the DOCS Counselor. In addition, HALI provides Bridger services for the program. Bridgers work individually with individuals for six months, three months before release and three months after. They provide peer social support during the transition back to the community.
Outreach Services
Anger Management groups are provided at Riverhead Jail twice weekly
Self Help and Double Trouble in Recovery (DTR) groups at Pilgrim Psychiatric Center (P.P.C.) weekly Homeless outreach in Suffolk County
Members of HALI's Forensics Department participate in the Suffolk County Coalition of Mental Health Services Providers Forensic Workgroup
Suffolk County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.
Provide Anger Management and Criminal Justice Advocacy for HALI participants.
From Prison to the Community by Ellen M. Healion, MA, HALI (PDF)
National Council Magazine, 2010, Issue 1
Frequently Asked Questions:
If I have been arrested, in jail or prison, can I get services at HALI? Yes, but in order to obtain services at HALI you must be 18 years or older with a primary diagnosis of a mental health condition.
How do I apply for services at HALI? Referrals are made to HALI through the Suffolk County Re-Entry Task Force or by Probation and Parole Departments of Suffolk County.
Does HALI report to my Parole or Probation Officer? HALI works closely with Parole and Probation Officers in order to assist you in reaching your goals.
Will HALI work with persons with any kind of offenses? HALI approaches each individual application on a case by case basis. HALI works to maintain a safe environment for both our participants and the community at large. If an applicant is not accepted referrals to more appropriate settings are made.
What kind of Forensic Services does HALI provide? HALI provides services to individuals preparing to be released from jail or prison and assists them in changing people, places and things that promote illegal activity. HALI helps individuals transition from jail/prison into the community, to become responsible and participating members of society.