Service Resources
Case Management for Adults: 631-853-2995
Case Management for Children & Youth (5-18): 631-853-2726
Community Services for Family & Children: 631-854-9429
Division of Adult Services: 1-800-635-7920
Social Security Information: 1-800-772-1213 or
Suffolk DSS Hotline: (M-F 8:30-4:30) 631-854-2429; After hours: 631-854-9100
Suffolk County Office of Aging: Riverhead 631-852-1420; Hauppauge 631-853-8200
Victims' Information Bureau:
VESID (Vocational Education Services for Individuals with Disabilities) 631-952-6357 or
Advocacy Resources
LIGALY (Long Island Gay & Lesbian Youth) 631-665-2300
Legal Aid Society; 631-854-0401
Mental Health Legal Services: 631-852-2325
Nassau/Suffolk Law Services: 631-232-2400
PAMII Mental Disability Law Clinic (Protection & Advocacy for Mentally Ill Individuals): 631-421-2244 x331
Suffolk Bar Association: 631-234-5511 or
PAIR (Protection & Advocacy for Individuals Rights)
Adult Victims of Domestic Violence: 631-666-7181
Adult Protective Services (APS): 631-854-9700
Child Protective Services (CPS): 800-341-3720
Commission on Quality Care (CQC): 1-800-624-4143 or
Single Point of Access (SPA): 631-231-3562
[Community Residence: Licensed, 24 hour, 7-day supervision - 12 bed facility
Supported Housing: non-licensed, permanent independent housing (single or shared housing)
Family Care: up to 4 individuals live with a family who has been trained; supervised by Pilgrim Family Care Staff: 631-761-2982
Adult Homes: Room and Board - less supervision and structure]
Family Wellness Center (FREE):
Substance Abuse
Narcotics Anonymous (NA): 631-689-6262
Emotions Anonymous (EA): 651-647-9712
Gamblers' Anonymous (GA) 877-533-4395
Overeaters Anonymous (OA) 505-891-2664
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): 631-654-1150
Alanon/Alateen: 1-888-425-2660
Codependents Anonymous: 602-277-7991
Long Island Self Help Clearinghouse: 516-686-1212
Recovery Inc: 631-724-5190
Substance Abuse Inpatient
Quannacut at Eastern Long Island Hospital: 631-477-8877
Long Island Home - South Oaks Hospital: 631-608-5317
Talbot House: (medically monitored withdrawal; crisis, short term) 631-589-4144
CK Post Addictions Center: (28 day rehab) 631-434-7209
Seafield Center: 631-288-1122
St. Charles Hospital: 631-474-6233
Phoenix House: 631-306-5700
Outreach Project: 631-231-3232
Mental Health Partial Hospitalization Programs
Mather Partial Hospitalization: 631-473-3877
Pederson-Krag Partial Hospitalization: 631-920-8004
South Oaks Partial Hospitalization: 631-264-4000 x3121
Mental Health First Aid

In May 2010, 2,000+ people across the USA participated in the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare's "Understanding Mental Health" webcasts (a 4-part series on understanding depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis, and substance use disorders - all based on the content of Mental Health First Aid USA) to learn how to recognize common mental health problems and where to turn for help. Nearly 60% of webinar attendees said they were concerned about a friend, colleague, family member, or themselves being depressed. And 70% felt more confident to offer support to those in need after gaining a basic understanding through the webcast... Statistics that would undoubtedly be reflected in YOUR community.

Mental Health First Aid USA makes it easy for you to open your doors to those in your community looking for help. Offer this interactive 12-hour course specially designed to prepare members of the public to provide initial help to a person showing symptoms of mental illness or in a mental health crisis until appropriate professional, peer, or family support can be engaged.

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Statewide Comprehensive Plan 2009 - 2013

NYS Office of Mental Health, Statewide Comprehensive Plan for Mental Health Services, October 2009, HALI featured on Page 8

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Absolute Arts

"HALI has been at the forefront in the field of peer support and recovery for years. Ellen Healion is a real leader for all of us in designing and creating a center of support, opportunities, and concrete outcomes for people. Baltic Street AEH supports and admires HALI and Ms Healion as both pioneers and leaders in our movement." - Isaac S. Brown

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"I'm a recovery person, a survivor of incest and rape. It's not the end of the world as long as you keep seeking and reaching out - HALI's hand was there. HALI showed me that I had something valuable to live for - ME!"

- Linda R

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