David Lombardi, Wellness and Recovery Coach
Hello, my name is David, and I am a visually impaired Clinical Mental Health Counselor working as a Wellness and Recovery Coach. In life we have the power of choice, we can either choose to ask, “Why Me?” or we can ask, “Why Not Me?” I chose to ask why not me when I began to lose my eye sight from Type I Juvenile diabetes when I was 23 years old.

In the past 13-14 years I motivated myself to graduate from Suffolk Community College with Honors, then graduating from St. Joseph’s College with a BA in Human Relations, and finally I graduated from Long Island University-CW Post with a masters in clinical mental health counseling. Aside from being the first member of my family to graduate with a graduate degree, I was also inducted into three nationally recognized honors societies, and I was published in a book that focused on homeless life in Venice Beach California. I am now currently a certified Reiki practitioner, yoga practitioner, and I am training in two styles of martial arts.

I primarily work from a “strength based” approach that allows individuals to foster their personal strengths to motivate themselves to overcome challenges we all face in life. I believe that losing my eye sight gave me a second chance at life and in the end it helped me to find greater meaning in life. Taking a second chance at life showed me what I needed to allow myself to grow beyond my expectations. I ultimately chose to become a counselor because I want to give back after so many have gave to me through support and encouragement in my life transformation. I have a lot of love and passion for working as a counselor and there is no greater feeling then helping another person believe in themselves unconditionally.

"Words can't express what HALI has done for me. I pray for those who haven't found HALI yet, and pray they do!"

- Kelly Z

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