Judy Dubois, Chief Operating Officer
Judy joined HALI back in 1995 as an Administrative Assistant. Then known as Judy Hankins, she performed multiple office tasks and some not so pleasant tasks. Judy started with HALI just as our home at Kings Park Psychiatric Center was closing. In keeping with HALI’s quality standards, Judy donned a paper jumpsuit and helped clean out cottages that were in pretty bad shape. Judy has continued to jump into any activity at HALI that needed her ~ whether tidy or messy, you could count on Judy to help get the job done. Prior to Judy’s promotion in April 09 to Deputy, she served the agency as the Human Resources Coordinator, Compliance Officer and Privacy Officer. She’s been well groomed for the Deputy position and a great gift to HALI.

In addition to her work, Judy is wife and mother of two beauties, a son and a daughter. She is active in her church, family and community. Judy is an intelligent, deeply caring and spiritual person and fits HALI like a glove. We’re so blessed to have her as part of the leadership team.

"After serving in the military and owning my own business, I got sick. I lost everything through my illness; HALI taught me self respect, pride, taking care of myself. HALI helps people strive and thrive. HALI showed me it’s not over, there’s always some way, somehow, someway. HALI helped me get my life back!"

- Terry H

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