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It all began for HALI in 1988 as a grass-roots community self-help group, and to this day we strongly believe in the simple but profound idea that people with similar lived experience can transform their lives through mutual, non-judgmental sharing. The largest body of evidence for peer support exists around Self-Help groups:

  • On an individual level, benefits include improvements in symptom management, personal wellness practice, and social connection.
  • On a system level, benefits can include a reduction in emergency department visits, psychiatric and medical hospital admissions, addiction relapse, and forensic recidivism.
  • These outcomes are seen when we remain closely connected to the fidelity of peer values, so HALI provides guidance for new and existing groups to remain most effective, spreading our expertise throughout the region and empowering new groups to start.

Participants know great Self-Help groups are not just “feel-good discussions” but can be a strong bridge to long-term recovery. Many of HALI’s Self-Help groups are held in partnership with community settings like hospitals, jails, or other education or treatment facilities. Groups typically focus on practical support for reaching our potential and coping with obstacles. Other groups may have more topical themes to address participant interests, like Managing Emotions, or Getting Back to Work. These groups are facilitated by peer staff but focus on group participation and empowering individuals to take an active role in the management of their own recovery.

Interested in a Self-Help group at your site? Contact support@hali88.org for availability.